About the Jewellery

Valerie uses many different metals in her work. Sterling silver is the most prevalent, and other metals include gold, bronze, copper and brass. Often she will incorporate 2 or 3 different metals in one piece.

Each piece is designed and made by Valerie. Her main method of making jewellery is called construction. Just as it sounds, shapes are cut out and then soldered together to build the piece. Valerie also uses fusing, which is a technique of sprinkling metal filings onto a different metal surface and melting it. Oxidation will bring out the contrast between the 2 metals. Rolled textures are a favourite as well, using various materials to imprint a pattern or texture onto a metal surface, using a rolling mill.

Valerie’s style is somewhat sculptural with clean lines and contrasting textures. Many pieces have been oxidized, or tarnished intentionally to enhance the colouration. This also can give a piece an antique look, with a rich surface texture.



To care for your jewellery, it can be gently washed in soap and water and dried with a soft cloth. Dip cleaners are not recommended as they will strip any oxidation. The best way to keep your jewellery looking good is to wear it! Colouration will vary with atmospheric conditions, and can be affected by cosmetics or perfumes. Best to put your jewellery on last!